Registration Add-Ons

These Add-Ons are only available when the purchase is coupled together with a token registration. This is to enable you to use a token for registration and obtain these items at the discounted-rate that is offered when they are purchased at the time of registration.

*REGISTRATION ADD-ON ONLY*This product is only to be used by those who are registering ..
*REGISTRATION ADD-ON ONLY*Mastery of VialsExhaustive Vial Reference TextThis manual discus..
*REGISTRATION ADD-ON ONLY*Physiological Reset & Autonomic RecoveryThis manual is rest..
*REGISTRATION ADD-ON ONLY*Energy & Emotion, Soft Tissue, Immune, & NeurologicalTh..
*REGISTRATION ADD-ON ONLY*Comp. Detox, Endocrine, & Advanced techniques, Comprehensiv..
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